Skiing is an art. Painting the mountain gracefully with skis is beautiful to watch and to feel first hand. But what about those artists that ski?! They’re making masterpieces in the studio and on the slopes, impressive right? Our “Art of Skiing” series aims to get into the minds of these admirable humans.


Stacey Bodnaruk in her natural element, the coastal mountains.

Stacey Bodnaruk is a Canadian, West Coast-based visual artist and photographer who has combined a passion for the Pacific with her art, creative design, photography and interior design background.

Stacey creates unique and meaningful artwork that inspires and evokes emotion. Her fine art photography pieces expertly blends multiple layers of original photos, which are harmoniously intertwined to create a dream-like story.

Stacey draws inspiration from the mountains and ocean – an influence of power and beauty that she passionately incorporates into both her personal and professional life. She captures images from mountain vistas, Canadian wildlife, surf breaks, old-growth forests and wild places around the world. Images from her current collections are curated from travels around British Columbia, Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, and from her home town of Whistler.

Her approach, which she terms ‘artography’, layers and fuses anywhere from 3-10 photos, that are blended to create a vibrant, one-of-a-kind artwork that would never be achieved from one photo alone.

Check out Stacey’s work in person at the free “Art + Soul” gallery April 10-14, 2019 in Whistler BC. The event is hosted by the World Ski and Snowboard Festival and sponsored by Swatch Canada.


Soul Tree by Stacey Bodnaruk.

What (if anything) about skiing inspires your work?
SB: It’s all about being up in the mountains; the views, stunning vistas, the light, the ever-changing snow conditions inspires a lot of my mountain style collections of artwork. When I ski my mind is open without judgment, and my soul gets recharged. It’s the best way to start the day when I’m in Whistler in the wintertime.

Describe your best day at work?
SB: I rarely feel that I am “at work,”  I haven’t worked since 1999!  I absolutely adore and feel so grateful for how I live and what I do.  I guess my best day is if I can achieve a balance of between doing something fun and physical with family or friends and my dog, taking photos of something new, creating artwork and making my clients happy – then it’s been my best day at work!

Where can we see your work?
SB: My work can be viewed at local Whistler hotels and businesses – Nita Lake Lodge, Scandinave Spa, Mongolie Grill, Whistler Real Estate, Patina Home Interiors, 122 West and in the Legends/Evolution Hotel lobby. I also have some custom pieces on display at The Last Frontier Heli Ski Lodge in Northern BC, Skookum Bike & Ski shop in Revelstoke and at my home where I am continually changing up what I have on display.  I will also have a collection of work on display at the Swatch Art + Soul gallery during the Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival coming up in April.

What’s your next creative project?
SB: I’m currently on a photo/video adventure in Central America and hoping to create some new tropical and ocean-inspired pieces upon my return.  I also have hundreds of photos waiting to be edited from past shoots in and around BC and the Sea to Sky area…. I plan to create several new mountain and west coast inspired pieces. I have lots of ideas whirling around in my head and can’t wait to create more.

Stacey’s version of work inspiration.

Do you have any ski-related goals you hope to accomplish this season?
SB: This ski season is over for me since I’m not back until the spring.  But my goals for next season would be to ski with my parents. A trip to Japan is enticing, however, at the end of the day, I simply love skiing Whistler so my goal is to ski Whistler even more – with 3 feet of fresh powder on MDR with my friends!

What do you hope people feel when they experience your art?
SB: I want them to feel happy, inspired, to remind them of a certain place, time, or feeling in their life. I want to add beauty to their spaces. I want them to “experience” the transition from seeing it as abstract from a distance to seeing so much more when viewed closer up as they are able to notice and interpret the blend of photos that were used to create a piece. I get excited when I catch someone leaning into a piece and noticing the “upside down trees”.

What puts you in your creative groove?
SB: Usually when I’m out in nature exploring, taking photos, walking along a deserted beach or walking through any outdoor environment that has beautiful dramatic light gets me into the creative groove. I get so inspired by light!

How did you get into art?
SB: Since my teenage years I’ve always had a deep interest in art and all things design, and have always been creative. I went through Interior Design in University and then that career path lead me to start a graphic/web design business. About 5 years ago my husband taught me photography and now I use that as my primary medium for creating artwork.

Tantalus Sunset by Stacey Bodnaruk.

Describe your creative style in 3 words:
SB: unique, vibrant, passionate.

Describe your skiing style in 3 words:
SB: fun, playful, carefree.

Current song on repeat?
SB: I like listening to “Stay See” playlists on Youtube. I have a few of them on repeat.

Guilty pocket snack?
SB: It’s not a pocket snack but I love almond butter. I eat it almost every day and I eat it by the spoonful! I wish that I could make it a “pocket snack.”

Who’s inspiring you these days?
SB: my husband, my dog, the creators and builders of tiny modern pre-fab homes.

Are you comfortable creating in other mediums, if yes what’s drawn you to each?
SB: I basically work with digital software and photography but am always looking to experiment and expand the range of mediums I print on.  I’m not comfortable in “creating” in other mediums however I’d give it a try to add a new dimension to my printed photography work.  Such as painting acrylic on a finished printed piece.

Anything else?
SB: Thanks so much for listening/reading and for all the people out there that own my artwork. It allows me to create more pieces for all to enjoy!

Need more Stacey Bodnaruk? Check out her Instagram, Facebook, and website.


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