Made in Voyage: Adventure of the Honey House Trailer

Who hasn’t dreamed of putting their life on hold to embark on an adventure where only your imagination sets the boundaries for what is possible? A trip where time stands still, far removed from the responsibilities, social engagements, and smartwatches of today’s fast-paced 21st-century lifestyle. Cody and Kellyn turned this dream into a reality.


Picture is proud to announce the release of their new film, Made in Voyage: Adventure of the Honey House. Featuring Cody Cirillo and Kellyn Wilson, the 26-minute film (directed by Wiley Kaupas & Joey Schusler) follows the pair on their escape from the real world and adventure into the unknown on their refurbished home on wheels – a 1960s school bus. They seek out deep snow, good times with friends, and a simpler way of life as they make their way through Utah, Washington, and BC. With the backdrop of a feel-good soundtrack and narration by Paddy O’Connell, the Wes Anderson inspired cinematography aims to be more than a ski movie.
“This film is essentially the culmination of a 3-year art-project,” explained Cirillo. “But more than that, it’s a journey that documents the possibilities when you take the first step, or in our case, drive that first nail, towards a dream. We purchased an old broken down bus, with no mechanical or construction knowledge ourselves, but through a bit of faith and an unwavering pursuit of a powder-filled fantasy, made a rolling ski home that we couldn’t be more proud of.”


Made in Voyage: Adventure of the Honey House Trailer

“We skied blower powder conditions across the country, broke down more times than there are fingers to count, shared laughs and beers with new and old friends, and had unforgettable experiences where we lived fully in the present,” recalled Cirillo. “We hope that people come away from the film with a sense of adventure, an understanding that the ups and downs of the journey are all beautiful, and ultimately hope that it inspires them to take the first step towards their own dreams and desires.”

CREDITS: Production: PICTURE ORGANIC CLOTHING Director: Joey Schusler & Wiley Kaupas Athletes: Cody Cirillo, Kellyn Wilson, Thomas Delfino, Micah Evangelista, Ian Hamilton Cameraman: Joey Schusler & Wiley Kaupas Facebook:…
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