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Words by The Bunch

The Bunch presents their” 11th film “Many Fantasies Later”…. Every time you set sail you dream of finding a new land, but sometimes you just go in circles. During this voyage we came down with the mad cow disease & won film of the year. Are those two things a coincidence? Separate Events that have nothing to do with each other?I think not…as we have never gotten the mad cow disease or won film of the year before. Which would leave me to wonder if we should have gotten the mad cow disease sooner.

Producing Ski movies is a carbon-intensive process, and The Bunch understands that. During the film we recorded our actions and analyzed them under the microscope of the Albert carbon calculation system, allowing us to offset our emissions while funding the development of renewable wind energy in Brazil. Total emissions: 12.98 tonnes C02 This compares to the average C02 emissions of: • 10 Long distance flights (California to London) • Saving 10.7 square feet of arctic ice • Driving a personal car 32200 miles/51820 kilometers

Directed by Björn Eklund Magnus Granér Alex Hackel

Supported by Haglöfs My Switzerland Peak Performance Newschoolers

Produced by Alex Hackel Magnus Granér

Skiing by Magnus Granér Alex Hackel Evelina Nilsson Hugo Burvall Emil Granbom Jake Mageau Øystein Bråten

Editing & Cinematography Björn Eklund

Sound Design Hugo Burvall

FPV Drone Luke Bredar

Drone Magnus Granér

Additional Cinematography Johan Höllmuller

Graphic Design & Still Photography Alric Ljunghager

Sustainability Levi Kammer

Music in order of appearance: Natten – Vi Äro Tusenden Hugo Burvall – AltdorfFjordFaren Rival Consoles – 3 Chords Sassy 009 – Are You Still A Lover Wampire – The Hearse Eola – This Is The World