The Inside Scoop – “The Front Lines” a film by Pangea Creatives

Synopsis of the film

The Front Lines is a ski film about a group of young professional skiers and snowboarders explore their concerns surrounding climate change and investigate how the ski industry is responding to protect their future. In conversation with climate scientists, ski brands, and leaders in snow sports, these young athletes must find ways to enjoy the mountains sustainably to make sure that their winters aren’t lost forever. This film has a major focus on the environmental sustainability narrative, providing the audience with a meaningful story to accompany cinematic skiing scenes and interviews.

Featuring Kai Smart, Michael Mawn and Kayley Sherlock

As these three stories come together, we learn that the biggest barrier to growing the sport sustainably is actually the carbon impact of the people traveling to events like the Freeride World Tour, as well as vacationers traveling to go skiing. As a result, this is a team effort, and everyone can play their part. As skiers, we need to hold ourselves to a higher standard. Winter sports are at the front lines of climate change.

Photographer – Ilanna Barkusky Skier- Kai Smart

An Interview with Pangea Creatives director Ethan Herman

Tell me about what Pangea creatives is as a company? 

We’re a hybrid athlete management agency and media production company that does everything. We pair up athletes with brands.  We work alongside our team of athletes to create content, then we deliver the content to those brands.

What gave you the idea to launch a company like this?

The idea was born during the Covid-19 lock down back in March 2020. I have always been interested in filmmaking and media.  The pandemic was a great time to start to pursue our passion.

You recently released your first film entitled, “The Front lines.” Can you tell us why the film bears that title?

In the film we interview Dr. Simon Donner, A professor of climatology at the University of British Columbia.  At one point he says “…Skiing is at the front lines of climate change…”  That phrase really stuck out in my mind and ended up becoming the title of the film.

What is the main takeaway from the film?

The main takeaway from our film is that the biggest carbon emitter in the ski industry is travel.  Yes we can point out fingers at the government and say that they are responsible, but we need to take personal accountability and hold ourselves to a higher standard if we want meaningful change.

What can the average skier do to reduce their environmental impact?

The two BEST things you can do for the environment are actually to vote and to write letters to your politicians expressing concern about climate change.  In a more day-to-day sense, take public transport or car pool to get to the slopes, and package your trips. If you have to travel very long distances, like across the country or to another continent, package your trips and stay for longer rather than making multiple trips.  This reduces the amount of jet fuel in your carbon footprint.  If you have to burn carbon to travel, find other areas in your life to reduce your carbon footprint. Everything little thing we do helps.

What is Pangea Creatives goal?

Our goal is to support our athletes, put out high quality content and tell compelling stories around extreme sports. We wanted our first big project to convey a strong climate message since we love winter and we want to continue to experience snowy winters for many more generations to come.

Chris Dane German