For over ten years the UBCO Mountain Riders ski club has been the largest skier run club on campus. We offer students the ability to meet like-minded individuals and grow a community of student skiers here in the Okanagan of British Columbia. Our club allows students to join in on ski trips, events, and the chance to be a part of our growing community of over three hundred students and counting.

Photographer Sam Tafel

The club’s mission

Mountain Riders ski club aims to build a tight-knit community of skiers on campus, prioritizing the ability of students to make the most out of their ski season while at school. Our member base is made up of all disciplines of skiers. Whether you are into backcountry, freestyle, or freeride skiing, there are always like-minded people looking for others to ski with.

We kick off our season before the hills open with a night out at a local brewery for ski movies, giveaways, and the opportunity to connect with skiers of all levels. The first big trip that our students are offered to join in on is a week-long surfing trip to Tofino on Vancouver Island in November. Followed by our Revelstoke ski trip in January. This season we have over one hundred students joining us for an unforgettable weekend of skiing! With our organized trips, we provide discounted lift tickets, rentals, and hotel rates to give our students the most accessible and memorable experiences.

Skier Zach Fillier Photographer Christian Sherring

Perks of Being a Mountain Rider Club Member

Each ski club member can access discounts to local ski shops and brands. Mountain Lifestyle, a ski shop based in Kelowna has worked closely with our club to ensure that students have easy access to affordable rentals and gear. The shop was also generous enough this year to organize a one-of-a-kind rail jam where local skiers showcased their skills.

Photographer Sam Tafel

Each year the club provides access to backcountry courses at discounted rates to give our members accessible ways to become more informed about backcountry skiing with AST 1 and AST 2 courses. The proximity of the school to the mountains also boasts limitless opportunities for students to visit some of the best ski areas in British Columbia. Regardless of ability, if you are a skier and interested in attending the University of British Columbia in the Okanagan, our club is here to help with all of your skiing aspirations. – Written by Christian Sherring

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