MOTHERLOAD: it’s a film.

Legacy. It begins at birth. How will the next generation be shaped? How will the next generation shape you? The evolution of ski culture is one that goes deeper than who stomped a new trick or skied a new line, it’s about the heartbeat of the people who love the sport – it’s the feeling that skiing gives you and the act of sharing it. Tessa Treadway shares her story alongside Izzy Lynch captured by Zoya Lynch in the film Motherload. This tremendous trio created a masterpiece – literally, a Motherload of a project – that speaks right to our hearts as skiers.

Tessa Treadway and Izzy Lynch make the trek from the car to the base of the ski hill with kids and gear in tow. Location: Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. ZOYA LYNCH PHOTO

“Tackling the subjects of loss, family and motherhood while producing a film in the midst of a pandemic was no easy task, but we are very happy with how it all came together and we could not have done it without an incredible team.” – Izzy Lynch


It will be playing at the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival Snowsport Show from November 20-29th 2020. This virtual event is a fundraiser for POW Canada, snag your tickets here. The full lineup includes Coach, Frozen in Time, Motherload, and Without a Paddle. Pop your popcorn and get cozy, it’s the perfect time to embrace the short days and get your winter froth on while the flakes stack.