Embark on an extraordinary cinematic journey in a film entitled “Sensus” by theBunch. Much more than just a ski movie, Sensus transcends the conventional boundaries of winter sports films. Delve into a cosmic odyssey, that explores the universe, the birth of the Milky Way, the dance of our solar system, and the evolution of humankind. Enormous and microscopic, it challenges the ordinary ski movie narrative and really makes you think.

We Live in the Future! Night skiing lit up by a drone that follows you around. Sensus by theBunch. Photo – Alric Ljunghager

Building on Their Momentum

Following the massive success of their previous film, “Many Fantasies Later” the exceptionally gifted and imaginative Swedish creators behind theBunch have chosen a different path for their latest creation. This time, the focus shifts towards the realm of visual effects, AI generated imagery and non-verbal storytelling, offering a cinematic canvas where skiing takes on a secondary role. Special recognition is due to Alric Ljunghager for the awe-inspiring space age visual effects that make this film such a trip.

TheBunch crew. Photo – Alric Ljunghager. Sensus by theBunch

Life is Short – Get Yours

In the humble perspective of this author, the core essence of this visually enchanting film lies in reminding us of the fleeting nature of our existence. It beautifully underscores the insignificance of an individual being within the vastness of the cosmos. Skiing is almost used more as a metaphorical tool. It depicts an oddly specific skill, mastered over thousands of years – the art of sliding on frozen water. “Sensus” brings us to our current moment in time.  We are currently in a surreal reality, where technology besieges us, and the constraints of basic biology are no longer impediments—evident in the surreal night skiing scenes and mind-boggling drone shots.

Photo – Alric Ljunghager. Sensus by theBunch

High Praise from T-$, Tanner Hall

Praise from the GOAT means a lot.

Amidst the complexities of the modern world, the film inspires you to embrace what resonates with your true essence. Life is short so do what you love and love what you do. Sensus is available for purchase at www.thebunch.tv

Sensus by theBunchPhoto – Alric Ljunghager

The Team Who Put the Film Together

Produced byMagnus Granér, Pär Hägglund

Written & Directed by Jens Nilsson

Skiing by – Magnus Granér, Emil Granbom, Pär Hägglund, Evelina Nilsson, Alex Hackel , JNilla, Tristen Lilly, Piper Kunst, Hugo Burvall

D.O.P – Luke Bredar

Music for SENSUS – Original Score Composed & Performed by  Hugo Burvall and Featuring Andreas Estensen on Modular Synth, Moog synth and Piano Assets, Martin Burvall on Synth Assets

Music DirectorJens Nilsson

Space VFXAlric Ljunghager

Sound Design – Hugo Burvall, Andreas Estensen

Additional FPV Drone – Dimitri Fürst

Additional Drone – Magnus Granér, Joonas Mattila

Microscopic Photography – Andreas Estensen

Color Grade – Jesper Guldbrand

Graphic Design – Evan Vollick-Offer


Still Photography – Alric Ljunghager

AI Imagery and Treatment – A.J.I

Sustainability – Levi Kammer, Magnus Granér

Article By Chris Dane German