Ski Movie Trailer – Couples Retreat by Isabelle Lacour and Fred Ferland

Couples Retreat is a ski film produced, shot and edited by a real life couple. Isabelle Lacour and Fred Ferland have been filing each other in the streets of Quebec and Ontario for the past two seasons. This is film has a really original premise and I for one can not wait to watch this one.

Words by Fredderic Ferland:

Couples Retreat is a street video Isabelle and I have been filming for the past two winters. We did it all by ourselves pretty much, we filmed and edited all of it. We would usually pick one spot for Isabelle, go out and film, then the next day pick one spot for me. Minus maybe 3-4 sessions with other people, that’s how we did it.

We wanted to do a video in one year at first, as we both took the winter off after finishing school. But at the same time we wanted to each have a full part with a good amount of shots, and we weren’t quite there yet. So we took the winter off again and finished the video.

Being just the two of us to make a video was a hard task, but we’re glad we were able to pull through and make a video that we are really proud of. This will be Isabelle’s first street part, and my first street part in 4 years.

The video will be out this November. We’re having a premiere this Saturday October 8th at Axis in Saint-Sauveur, and we’ll be playing at iF3 Urban Montréal presented by Newschoolers on Friday October 28th.

Fred and Izzy – What a team! Photo by Phil Gautier