Ski Movie Trailer – Brap Ski vol. 2 by Native Earth Productions

The tag line of the film – The two “funnest” sports: Brappin’ and Skiin!

This film is “A collection of the best moments, laughs, and lines of our winter. We’ve been dropping images and footage all year – the film is the finale,” Native Planet Productions.

You may be asking yourself what does “Brap Ski” even mean?? “Brap” refers to the sound made by a snowmobile, or more realistically “BRAAAAAAAAP.” Backcountry skiing and snowmobiling go together like peas and carrots. Having a snowmobile is like having a gas powered chairlift with no lift lines. This crew of “FKN SENDERS” includes “Carzy” Karl Fostvedt, Daron Rahlves, Thayne Rich, McKenna Peterson, and 10+ more riders. Can’t wait to watch this one.

Thayne Rich brapp’n his sled. Photographer – Nick Reedy