This secret gem of Whistler BC is having an EPIC start to the 20/21 season and we’re ready to blow this secret out of the water. That sounds taboo for ski culture right? Here’s the deal, Callaghan Country / Journeyman Lodge actually has openings this season – which means it’s finally your time to experience this sought after secret because it’s also time for BC to support BC! If you live in the Coastal Region, the time is now to book. The shredding is prime already at Journeyman Lodge and it’s only December.


If a 160cm base in December isn’t enough to get your booty to Journeyman Lodge the three-course dinner, locally roasted coffee (literally roasted in the Callaghan!) cozy rooms and the much needed digital detox should do the trick.

Conditions: classic challagan cold smoke.

Let’s talk about it. It’s unreal. Pillows lines within ten minutes from the lodge like you’ve seen in the movies. Literally. In the Blank Collective movies. There are big alpine objectives that you can lap in a day because, when you’re based at Journeyman Lodge, nothing is too far, the prime location sets you up for big plenty full days in the backcountry. There are glaciers, there are colouirs, there are pillows, there perfectly spaced trees, there are chutes, there are bowls, there’s everything you ever wanted and guess what? there’s no one to share it with. It’s all yours.

2020 Blank Collective at Journeyman Lodge
2019 Blank Collective at Journeyman Lodge

Best Backcountry Lodges of BC bang for your buck. Eat like royalty. Your stay includes apres snacks, a three-course dinner, breakfast and lunch to go. The fee has already been covered and more – you can’t eat this good anywhere for that price. Shall we continue? It also includes your access to the lodge, your cozy sleeping quarters and the most incredible staff that are always checking in on your needs.

Worried about going to a lodge right now? Journeyman has a dialled approach for mask-wearing, excellent signage, hand sanitizer galore and a very aware staff team to keep everyone safe. Details on the website.

Happy skis, happy skiers.

FYI – this isn’t an ad, Abby just seriously loves this place – editor recommended in case that wasn’t clear above.