Gifts for skiers, no matter the occasion, is a daunting task, but when done right is the most coveted gift of all time. Skis and boots unless you know your skier-in-mind’s exact boot size and dream boot/ski these items are a no-go for gifts – this is personal – like real personal – stay clear from that and read on for “safe” gift options for the skier in your life. Editor picks by Abby Cooper.


Socks. We all love socks. So much that we have our favorite sock article round-up going live soon – in short? We love Dissent Labs, Smartwool and PRO Compression.

Xtratuf – the unofficial boot of skiers for when they’re not skiing 😉

Boots – but not ski boots. Parking lot boots can really make your break your day. Starting with poor footwear in the parking lot means wet socks and cold feet all day. Get your skier some XtraTufs – game changer.

Goggles, particularly the Chris Benchetler Dragon goggles. This strap glows in the dark and features Chris’s art. Pretty awesome.

Lids just look better.

Helmet. If you can measure your skier’s lid, then keep their beloved brain safe with a helmet from Smith, Giro or Pret.

Nocs – about to be the trendiest thing ever.

Binoculars, NOCS. The trend that’s on the cusp of treading. As freeskiing continues to push the limits, so do line choices – make good ones with the

Smiles for miles when you’re crushing with the Skullcandy Crusher Evo.

Skullcandy Crusher Evo. These wireless headphones stay locked and loaded all day with forty hours of battery life. Cross-training, lapping the park or something in between, the sound on these is amazing when you’re on the go and will never sacrifice bass in the process.

Baselayer with a mask? Nice work Mons Royale.

Mons Royale Base Layers. This gift is good for you too. Merino Wool isn’t stinky, so everyone wins. Plus the Cornice Top has an unofficial built-in mask, we dig it.

Ski Wax. Lift Tickets. Deep Tissue Massage. Toques. Hand Warmers. Puffy Jackets. Gloves. A Yeti Thermos. Sunscreen. Boot Dryer.