Beauty products – so tabo in the ski world. We like to be raw, hassle-free, and put time into route planning and ski waxing, not beauty rituals. But want to know what we don’t like? Itchy skin, dry skin, sunburns, cuts that don’t heal, and mask induced acne. So instead of pretending we’re too gnar to protect our face with a few creams but will spend $900 on a new Goretex jacket – let’s show some skin love. These are our editor’s top picks when it comes to skin love.


Dermatone Sunscreen was literally made for mountain athletes – that’s us, hi, hello! Nice to meet you sunscreen that actually meets my needs. Award-winning for a reason, Dermatone is a spring skier’s dream.

Skinnies Sunscreen is another top pick. Goes on smooth, is sustainable, and you only use an itty bitty bit for full coverage – no cake face which is a massive win in the sunscreen game.

Viking Beauty makes stuff for tough people. While we might not be Vikings, we’re pretty tough as skiers and could use a good sea scrub down from time to time. Good-bye itchy dead skin – later!

Bedrock Balm is for thirsty skin. My skin is thirsty all winter long the same way I’m always thirsty for apres after a day on the slopes. It would be rude to deny my face the same treat when I get home.

Protect your mean mug with Michelle Parker’s buff + google magnet combo from Anon.