Everything you need to know about the Cochise 130 ski boot to make an informed decision. In summary- Extremely versatile, high performance ski boot!

Watch the video review here. It provides visual demonstrations of everything discussed in this article!

The Cochise 130 Ski boot – An all around BEAST

The Cochise 130 is Tecnica’s flagship boot and it has been upgraded to version 3.0 for the 2023 season.  The Cochise series consists of a men’s line up line up and a women’s line up, both of which offer a range of flex options (the 130 refers to the boot’s stiffness and 130 is the stiffest boot in the line up) – click the links for more information. The entire Cochise line up provides race boot performance on the way down while equipped with everything you need to comfortably travel uphill, which is why these boots are in the category of a 50/50 boot.


Skier – Loic Collomb-Patton putting his Cochise 130’s to the test
Photographrer – Dom Daher

Over a decade of tech and innovation have gone into these ski boots.  Lets walk through the features that make Cochise 130 such a monster.

Starting with the most important thing about any ski boot – the fit.  

*Disclaimer*  it’s always a good idea to go to a reputable boot fitter to be sure that you get the best boot for your specific foot!

These boots fit my feet perfectly straight out of the box.  I feel like I didn’t even require the heat molding process but I did it anyway because – why not? It’s included in your purchase price wherever you buy these boots so you may as well do it.  

If your feet typically clash with ski boots, and you require further customization, the custom adaptive shape, or C.A.S. system allows boot fitters to customize the liner and the shell to fit your whatever characteristics your feet may have.

The Cochise series Liner

  • This high performance liner has fiberglass reinforcements around the upper cuff while also having a flex zone back there that allows for plenty of ankle mobility when in walk mode.  
  • The tongue is adjustable forward and backward.   
  • It has a removable spoiler to adjust the forward lean. 
  • They have the option to lace up the tongue, allowing you to sung up the tongue before buckling up.
  • They’re equipped with RECCO advanced rescue technology
  • And of course they are highly moldable, grindable and punchable to accommodate those all types of feet.

The Cochise 130 Shell

The Cochise 130 has a matte finish on the outside and a glossy finish on the inside.  The black buckles and accents that really compliment the dark orange color of the shell.

  • Starting from the bottom, they are equipped with removable Vibram grip walk soles and a rubber patch under the instep for grip on rocks, snowmobiles, slippery chalet cafeteria floors…
  • The toes and heels are equipped with dynafit Tech fittings, making the cochise compatible with all pin bindings.
  • Moving up the back of the boot we see the high performance T-ride walk mechanism.  The T-ride walk mechanism is a 3 inch long, spring loaded, metal arm that locks onto a full metal receptacle on the lower shell.  The arm is mounted on top of a reinforced, carbon injected spine. When in ski mode you can actually lock the arm in position using a rotating dial.  This extra level of security guarantees that you won’t, unexpectedly flip into walk mode while skiing. This is the most bomber walk mode I have ever seen. 
  • When in walk mode the Cochise offers a 50 range of motion.
  • The power strap uses a cam style “Power Lock,” resulting in a very quick and efficient cinching experience.  This power strap is equipped with a hook, which eliminates the necessity to feed the tail through the power lock every time you put on or remove your boots, saving you precious seconds.
  • You tighten the boots by cranking down the four Micro-adjustable, aluminum buckles.  The buckles on the cuff have an extra hook. These extra hooks lock the buckles into place and extend, giving you extra room in the cuff, making the boot feel much more comfortable and natural while touring.

In Conclusion

Whether your skiing groomers, park or pow; front country, slack country or backcountry; uphill or downhill this boot absolutely shreds it all and in my opinion the Cochise 130 is the ultimate one boot quiver.